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Need Image To Notepad Conversion or Any Conversion...?

Auto Typer For Data Entry Work Are Also Available.



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Typing Master 1.3 Auto Typing

• COPY PASTING SOFTWARE FOR SEARCHLINE DATABASE image to typing 1.5 , 1.6,1.7,2.1,2.2,2.3,2.4 etc. flash player are also available. 
We maintain 99% accuracy levels.
• We can handle huge amount of data such as 25000 files per day.
• The customized software which we use is unique and capable of converting all the image formats like BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, AI, GIF etc into Text to Wordpad.

1. Auto Typer , can read the data from any text file, and automatically type that text into your Client Software, even if copy paste is disabled.
2. This software supports all type of Editors, such as Search Line Editor, Image to Notepad, OGS Notepad, Text Editor, MF Notepad, Flash Agent, Ruler Notepad etc.,  
3. Just select the text file, and click, on the "Transfer Text" button, to start typing in your software.
4. In this, you can also adjust the typing speed, according to your convenience.
5. This software is very user-friendly and convenient. No installation is needed.
6. We guarantee that our auto typer will do the typing, exactly like manual typing.
7. No one can identify that it has been typed with a software.
8. After the auto typing is completed, you can save it.
9. Then select another text file to start auto typing again.
10. With this automatic typing software, you can complete your project easily and fast with 100% accuracy.
This handy tool, transfers any text file, notepad file content to AGENT, TEXT EDITOR, TEXT RULER, ADVANCE TEXT RULER, OGS NOTEPAD, IMAGE TO TYPING and other special notepads in which copy paste is not allowed.
(Supports nik, ong, adl,ogs, dxt and agent formats)
Text transfer speed is lightning fast!
Image to text conversion.(including image to other file extensions like .SWT  
.ogs .nbo .nik .ons .adl .dxt , adobe flash agent 8, 10)

Image to Ruler notepad

Image to Typing  2.3 , 2.4 , 2.5 , 2.6 (ALL VERSION  
Typing Master 1.3 (ALL VERSION   

Image to text @ word @ html  1 Page
   99% Accuracy 

(For Normal Font)


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